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Point Danger

About Point Danger

Standing proud on the border between New South Wales and Queensland, Point Danger offers a stunning view of Duranbah Beach – renowned for its reputation as an ideal surfing destination. History tells us that this point was named by none other than Captain James Cook during his 1770 voyage up Australia’s east coast to alert future navigators about perilous coral reefs surrounding the area.

Perched atop the iconic headland at Coolangatta on Australia’s east coast is Point Danger- considered a symbol of division in 1863 when it signalled the border between New South Wales and Queensland, but now remembered for its homage to those affected by World War II. Atop this hallowed ground are several memorials, including Captain Cook’s lighthouse as well as the Centaur Memorial and Walk of Remembrance, which commemorates the Australian Hospital Ship Centaur that was sunken due to Japanese submarine activity in 1943. Nowadays, visitors will find Marine Rescue NSW Station along with Gold Coast Oceanway taking up residence here. Dedicated travellers can pay tribute to all who fought for freedom long ago during their journey down under.

Point Danger

What to do at Point Danger

From a historic point of view, this place is brimming with interesting facts about Australian maritime history. At Point Danger you will find the Captain Cook Memorial, moulded from cast iron actually jettisoned from the Endeavour and recovered in the 1960s. Next to it is the lighthouse, the first to experiment (unsuccessfully) with laser light. Memorial plaques are positioned along the ‘Centaur Remembrance Walk’ to those lost at sea.

Point Danger offers a spectacular panorama, where you can observe the graceful movements of dolphins in the sea and enjoy an unobstructed view stretching from Surfers Paradise to Byron Bay on clear days. Point Danger offers spectacular ocean views from its cliffside vantage point, perfect for appreciating the wide expanse of turquoise sea that meets a golden surf beach. This idyllic spot also serves as an iconic landmark – straddling Queensland and New South Wales on their shared border! Make time in your itinerary to explore this stunning locale; you will not regret it.

Point danger headland

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