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Farm & Co

About Farm & Co

Come and discover the blissful escape of Farm & Co – a captivating rural retreat where one can wander amongst vibrant sunflowers, explore open spaces and bask in natural beauty. Step away from all responsibilities as you slip off your shoes to breathe fresh air. It’s an opportunity for connection that has been made possible through our extended farm-ily who continues to inspire us each day!

Farm & Co is proud to be a leader in organic farming, striving for sustainability and health management through natural methods. By taking the best of both traditional agriculture combined with modern techniques, our practices are focused on environmental conservation without relying on synthetic chemicals or artificial pesticides. We believe that healthy soils create opportunities for delicious produce powered by nature – setting us apart as an industry innovator committed to treating Mother Nature right!

Farm & co

What to do at Farm & Co

Unwind and connect with nature at our gorgeous farm haven. Enjoy barista-crafted coffee alongside a delicious cabinet treat while enjoying the beauty of sunflowers, open spaces and other natural grounds. Our Farm Stall is brimming with freshly sourced certified organic produce from our working farm and locally picked delicacies to tantalize your taste buds!

Get away from the daily noise and into an enchanted paradise with Farm + Co. Couples who choose this exclusive wedding venue can experience a truly romantic celebration as they enjoy seasonal dining in an intimate setting surrounded by stunning Tweed Valley scenery. Create something special that you will remember forever!

Farm & Co Restaurant invites guests to enjoy a truly exquisite dining experience on the Tweed Coast. Our menus offer seasonally-inspired dishes crafted from organic produce freshly plucked daily from our 52-acre farm and served in an atmosphere of refined rusticity – nourishing your body and soul through food that educates, enlightens and delights!

Nature at Farm & Co

One local company in Tweed Heads that is involved in this tourist attraction:

Name: Concrete Tweed Heads Solutions

Address: 28 Machinery Dr, Tweed Heads South NSW 2486

Telephone: (07) 5681 8532