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Snapper Rocks

About Snapper Rocks

Snapper Rocks is an iconic surf spot on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia. It’s situated at the southern end of Rainbow Bay and has been credited as kickstarting one of surfing’s most prized phenomena – The Superbank – a large sand bank harvesting some serious wave potential!

Snapper Rocks, located at Point Danger off the coast of Australia, are said to have gotten their name from Captain W.L. Edwardson of HM Colonial Cutter Snapper which sailed past in 1822 – a timeless reminder of his journey through history!

Snapper Rocks Point is the starting point of a man-made surf break nicknamed Superbank. Created by an ingenious Tweed River sand bypass system in 1995, this has vastly expanded Snapper to Kirra beaches and created one continuous world-class surfing destination spanning 2 kilometres (1.2 mi). The stunning stretch offers superlative barrels and swells for experienced riders that can now be enjoyed at virtually any part along its length – truly a paradise on Earth!

Snapper Rocks

What to do at Snapper Rocks

Take a journey to Snapper Rocks and experience the breathtaking beauty of one of Australia’s most renowned beaches. Stroll or bike along its scenic pathways as you take in stunning ocean views, then climb elevated lookouts for an awe-inspiring view back towards Surfers Paradise. As if that weren’t enough, unparalleled boardwalks complete this magical beachside adventure!

Snapper Rocks is a fantastic beach escape for families, boasting crystal clear waters and spectacular ocean views. With calmer waves lapping the shoreline, kids can enjoy all of the fun without any worry. So be sure to pack your sunscreen – umbrella too! Parking may take some patience but it’s worth exploring nearby streets if necessary. A day well spent promised at Snapper Rocks!

Snapper Rocks is an incredible beach on the Gold Coast that makes for a perfect sunny escape. Sit back and take in some of Australia’s most stunning views while admiring top-tier surfing skills! It’s no wonder why Snapper Rocks tops our list as one of the best beaches around.

Snapper Rocks Sight

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